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Two ways of working we've identified through our collaborative practice

Some people work best iteratively and some would prefer to forge ahead alone – but how do we ensure these two approaches play nicely together in a team?

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Everything we've done this year as a studio

We’ve been up to a lot in 2023 and we’ve not yet shouted about all of it, so we’re taking the opportunity to wrap up our 2023.

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A (not-so) brief guide to making condensed working hours, work

It’s no secret that we work a flexible and remote condensed week at GFSC. But what have we learned from it? Spoiler alert: It’s mostly about good communication!

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Where are we today and where next?

In spring 2023 we conducted a series of interviews with the aim of finding out a bit more about how we understand ‘The GFSC Collective’, and what its members want from it.

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