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Co-designing a local history archive with Oldham residents

We are currently in the early stages of working on a number of local history projects, and are trying to come up with some shared tech we can use across all of them. I felt felt that this might be a great project to share a sort of ‘design diary’/’work in progress story’ of, as we go along.

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A roundup of what we did last year

A bit late but thought we’d do a little review of GFSC’s 2021. I thought this was gonna be kind of a short list as we’ve got lots on the go that’s not quite come to fruition yet but wow, we did a lot!

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A new space for trans community enabled by technology and collaboration.

Geeks for Social Change are thrilled to to announce The Trans Dimension, an online community hub which will connect trans communities across the UK by collating news, events and services by and for trans people in one easy-to-reach place.

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...And you still need the right team to get you to that red X.

Due to the massive amounts of money and hubris that reside in the tech sector, we now seem to believe that the same methodology used to sell pens that write upside down with a built-in dictaphone can somehow be adapted to fixing homelessness, or poverty or something.

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Once upon a time, Manchester saw itself as a leading light in the fight against nuclear annihilation.

Now not only do we have several companies here who manufacture or assist in the production of nuclear missiles and submarines, we put ’em in the regional marketing brochure.

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