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Trans Safety Network Website and Rebrand

How we rebranded Trans Safety Network and helped them instil trust in their high quality journalistic reporting.

Client: Trans Safety Network

Date: Autumn-Winter 2022

Team: Kim Mark Sarah Alfie

Trans Safety Network are old friends of Geeks For Social Change, and we’ve always been passionate supporters of the tireless, often painful work their team do to unpick both mainstream media and far right lies about the trans community. They approached us for a rebrand, and to redesign their website to make it more authoritative and robust.

We worked with them to understand their key audiences and build a new brand which focused on elevating their site’s clarity and trustworthiness. Trans Safety Network is a leading source for reputable, high quality research on hatred against trans people in the UK, and their site needed to reflect that position.

Something really vital to this project was a sense of demystifying. We wanted to make sure that anyone who approached the site would be able to understand it, and that nothing relied too heavily on assumed prior knowledge. This informed the web design process and made sure that access to information was prioritised throughout. We worked with frequent collaborator, Squid, on the branding and visual identity of this project.

The redesigned website can now instil a sense of trust in first-time visitors. By ensuring that all content is presented in a consistent, professional, and clear manner, TSN are better equipped to claim their position as a trusted source for counter-narratives against the increasingly hostile world of anti-trans organised harm.

If you’re able, you can support Trans Safety Network on Ko-Fi, or by sharing their articles as a means of countering anti-trans narratives. Visit the Trans Safety Network’s website.

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