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Digital Autonomy

So often, when organisations or individuals approach tech studios looking for solutions to their problems, they are provided with an outcome they cannot later adapt, edit, or develop themselves, without re-enlisting the support of that studio (or another like it). This withholding of power leaves these organisations and individuals vulnerable as — over time — their shiny solution crumbles, and they lack the budget or skills to refresh or update it, or to fix any issues that arise. We strive to create solutions that give our clients digital autonomy — the ability to take our work and run with it. We do this in two main ways. Firstly, by working with open-source tech with no hidden costs, that isn’t gate-kept or walled off. Secondly, by providing training at an appropriate level, which enables clients to make the changes and updates they need to. This training can range from the absolute basics, right through to much more complex ideas, based on the level at which our clients wish to engage with their outcomes.

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