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The Trans Dimension Guide to Inclusive Events

A first look at our new zine on making events more inclusive for everyone

Promo artwork for The Trans Dimension. It's an illustration of outer space. The foreground has five figures of a range of ages, genders and abilities waving trans flags and reading books. The background has trans-shaped constellations, space worms, rockets, nebulas and planets.

We’ve previously blogged and tweeted about The Trans Dimension, a new space for trans community enabled by technology and collaboration that we’re working on in collaboration with Gendered Intelligence. We will have some news on this soon and are hoping to launch this at the start of July.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share with you some work we’ve done to help trans groups work together to make events more accessible for everyone. We conducted workshops with Gendered Intelligence staff and young people, as well as Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People to produce a zine called The Trans Dimension Guide to Inclusive Events.

This zine is an act of care. It is the result of deliberate and enduring collaboration rooted in the idea that there is no single answer to the question ‘how can we improve access to our spaces?

When we asked our collaborators for affirming or positive experiences they’ve had at events we heard “The best I’ve had is mediocre.” We want to believe that this is not because of a lack of understanding and responsibility, but for a lack of guidance and resources. Hopefully this zine will help.

We provide this as a free download but if you are able to support us financially, our suggested donation for the e-zine is £3. It is still in draft form but we wanted to share it as soon as possible to give people a chance to give us feedback.

We welcome thoughts and comments on this guide and are planning to release at least one additional version before launch. You can email [email protected] to direct feedback to GFSC, or [email protected] to direct it to GI.

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