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Join us for Hulme & Greenheys Community History Day!

23rd November at The Old Abbey Taphouse

Hulme history day, 23rd November, 11am until 6pm

Join us in a day of celebration of Hulme & Greenheys’ diverse history. We are a group of grassroots historians, residents and academics who have come together to explore the history of our area. We’ve organised this day to help us understand how the four waves of rapid redevelopment over the last 100 years have affected us all, for better and worse.

There will be lots of hands-on activities, an archeological surveying walk, talks on a wide variety of local history topics, and a free lunch open to all. We want everyone to share their stories, learn how research their histories, and have plenty of time for discussion and sharing. Please bring along anything relating to the history of the area you think deserves a wider audience such as photos, artifacts, memories, or the address you used to live.

We will also be recording oral histories throughout the day and invite anyone who wishes to to tell their story to have it documented by a trained historian. Our goal is to collectively submit a funding bid in 2020 to both continue to develop the connections made through this event, and create a community-led archive of all the history projects in our neighbourhood.

You can RSVP on Eventbrite and Attend on Facebook.


All events at Old Abbey Taphouse, Guildhall Close, Manchester Science Park, Manchester, M15 6SY

11am - 11:15am. Coffee, tea, and croissants.

11:15am - 1:00pm. John Piprani & Irene Garcia Rovira will lead an archeological survey of the Greenheys estate with commentary from local history experts. Bring along any photos or maps of where you used to live and we will see if we can find where they would be now using GPS. We’re hoping to use this information to make a 3D map of the Greenheys estate. John is an archeologist who organises community workshops making stone age tools. Irene works for Archeology England, who are based right next door in the science park.

1:00pm - 1:45pm. Complimentary lunch. We will cater for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets, please get in touch if you have any other requirements.

1:45pm - 2pm. Introduction to the day from organisers Kim Foale and Rachele Evaroa.

2pm - 6pm. Talks.

  • 2:00pm. Elizabeth Faye and Kay Welsh are cousins and both Manchester girls, who come from a long line of strong, inspirational Northern women. “Square Roots” is their first joint fictional novel, set in the Greenheys area of Manchester, where they grew up and is inspired by true events of love, loss and intrigue that occurred within their family amidst the backdrop of two World Wars. Hear how their attempt at a first novel, all began by a mis-sent text and the many interesting coincidences that have occurred along the way.
  • 2:45pm. Sylvia Kӧlling. Understanding modern Manchester through baths and wash-houses in the 19th century, with a special focus on Leaf St Baths in Hulme. Sylvia is an independent researcher who will discuss her investigation into Manchester and Salford Baths and Laundries Company.
  • 3:30pm. David Rudlin. The end of an era, Hulme 30 years ago… a turbulent period of crusties and squatters, creativity and squalor, tenants and students, occupations and cooperatives, punx picnics, flying PIGs and Dogs in Heaven. David is Principal and a director of URBED (Urbanism Environment and Design), Chair of the Academy of Urbanism and an Honorary Professor at Manchester University.
  • 4:15pm. SuAndi OBE. Revealing the concealed by celebrating the unseen and questioning accepted histories, in particular the lives, experiences and contribution of our local Black Community since 1925. SuAndi is a historian, poet, writer and playwright, coordinator of National Black Arts Alliance, and previous organizer of Black History Month GM.
  • 5:00pm. Kerry Pimblott. Want to learn more about how to do community-based history of urban renewal in Hulme and Greenheys? Kerry Pimblott will talk about her work using the collections at the AIU Race Relations Centre which offer a window into the community’s history, culture, and resistance. Kerry is a radical educator and scholar based at the University of Manchester. Her work focuses on African diaspora history and movements for racial change during the long twentieth century. She will be presenting this with Ruth Tait from the AIU Race Relations Centre.

6pm - onwards. Lots of chats and discussions about what we learned!

Organised by Geeks for Social Change & The Old Abbey Taphouse.

Generously sponsored by SALC @ Manchester University.

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