Work with me

Who I work with, and what I can offer

I work with a large variety of people and organisations. Do any of these sound like you? These are all scenarios I’ve been involved in, I’m sure there’s more. Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Campaigners, charities, and NGOs

You’ve been running a campaign for a while, and have some social media presence, and have now got a budget to do some web development. I can help you find effective ways to maximise your reach, make your cause easier to explain and understand, and create a digital and communications strategy for your organisation.

You’re a more established organisation looking to experiment and find an innovative way to reach people or get your idea out. I can help turn your ideas into concrete, achievable realities.

Your organisation has some awareness that it needs better technical tools to do its day-to-day work. I can review, identify and train your organisation to make best use of modern tools that help you work more efficiently.

Universities, collages, and schools

You’re starting or renovating an online learning platform, and want to make an impact beyond the academic one. Using my activist and technical skills, I can help design and guide you through the landscape of existing attempts and organisations.

You’re starting a new research project and finding a lack of tools to do what you want, or are frustrated with the existing ones. I can help develop team working methods and deliver training to transform the way you organise information.

You’re looking to publish your findings in new, innovative, and perhaps interactive ways. I can develop outputs using modern tools. I can also help with coming up with experimental ways to explore ideas in your research.

Small businesses, including co-ops start ups and CICs with ethical goals

You’ve been running your social enterprise or CIC for a little while (perhaps one based around a web service or app), but are struggling to know how to make the most impact. I can help identify the changes that will make the biggest change, and give you a route to get there.

You know what you do but are struggling to communicate it online, or even to your freinds perhaps. Perhaps you have a track record of work going back years or decades, but are struggling with institutional vocabulary, and making it clear what it is you do. I can help find ways to describe the work that you do, and present it in using clear and engaging methods.

You want to drastically increase your reach, but don’t know how or where to start. I can advise how to build a communications strategy, and deliver the training and software needed to deliver it.

Individual academics, activists, and developers

You’re just starting out a campaign either by yourself, or with a group of friends. I can help you convert your political ideas into business and campaign ideas that break the status quo rather than repeating old tactics.

You’re aware you have a lack of technical skills, and want some training and ideas about what’s possible. I can help mentor and guide you through the modern technological and research landscape.

Do any of these sound like you, not sure, or just want to have a chat? Get in touch and let’s talk.