We are software developers, activists and researchers with a social agenda.

Geeks for Social Change is a research and development studio based in Manchester, UK. It was founded by Dr Kim Foale in 2016.

We work in collaboration with people, organisations and communities to deliver tools, training and support for lasting and holistic change. Our community-based approach to technology and research helps organisations and social enterprises achieve their social aims.

We can develop websites and apps, create training and support programs, conduct social science research, create partnerships, and strengthen communities. Our approach prioritises digital inclusion with the aim of improving lives and transforming communities.

We won an AAL Smart Ageing Prize in 2018 for our work on PlaceCal, a neighbourhood organising tool based around a community calendar which aims to reduce social isolation for people over 50.

We have since expanded PlaceCal’s remit to benefit community members of all ages. The software, education and engagement package will soon be ready to be rolled out in neighbourhoods across the UK and worldwide.

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