We work towards a fairer society using activism, technology, and research.

At Geeks for Social Change we fuse our three areas of expertise – web development, research, and community work – in innovative and creative ways.

We work within the overlaps of that Venn diagram to create well-rounded outcomes that support your existing strengths and goals in the real world.

  • Web development. We can make websites, apps and tools to revolutionise the working of your organisation, and static brochure sites that directly reflect the work you do. If you’re a web development company, we can conduct research for you and help you engage with the community.
  • Research. We are experienced academics with a history of qualitative study in technology, sociology and architecture. We can conduct fieldwork, gather user research, and suggest solutions for your organisation.
  • Community work. Our practice is political. We are experienced activists involved in community, LGBTQ+ and anti-racism organising. We can focus your campaigns and establish tech infrastructure for community groups.

These areas are our speciality but we aren’t limited to this. We really shine in the intersections between these categories and the wider world. If you’ve got a project that doesn’t quite fit elsewhere, please get in touch.

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