About Dr. Kim Foale

My skills and experience

I have experience in a number of areas and bring skills from over a decade’s experience to bear on any given problem. The rest of this website describes my rationale and approach; this page is to give an idea of the detail of what I use to achieve this You can also view my CV on Google Documents.


I’m a primarily qualitative researcher, specialising in Grounded Theory-based coding methods. I prefer working with projects in their initial stages, developing concrete products from ephemeral ideas.

I’m experienced in related technologies like NVivo (although I prefer to build my own solutions), SPSS and OpenRefine, and publish mostly in . I can run interviews and focus groups, and design, deliver and interpret surveys and other forms of research.


I deliver a range of development services from full-stack web development, to video and media production and experimental production methods. I’m fluent in the following technologies and quick to learn new ones as needed for any given project.

I also like to go off the beaten track, using art and games to experiment with ideas. For example, I developed an audio-visual installation Elephants in the Dark and a board game Art of Noises to explore and present ideas found in my PhD.


Drupal, a highly mature open-source CMS. I use this where a lot of functionality is needed on a limited budget Example Drupal site.

Ruby on Rails, a platform for building webapps. I use this for projects with lots of custom functionality, where a high degree of customisation is required Example Rails site.

Sinatra, a simple framework for making webapps. I use this for smaller projects that focus on doing one thing really well Example Sinatra site.

Static site generators such as Jekyll This site runs on Jekyll, Middleman and Metalsmith. I use these for creating “brochure sites” or simple blogs. I’m a huge fan of static site generators.

Ghost, an excellent blogging platform I use this for my personal blog.

I do not use Wordpress: I think there is almost always a more appropriate solution, and believe it is one of the industry’s most mis-sold solutions Proper article on this coming soon. In short, it almost always ends up being insecure, bloated, slow, and poorly engineered. I’m happy to debate with you about why though and show you how other solutions will solve your problem better!

Languages and technologies

Marketing, PR etc


I primarily see myself as an activist, and many of the projects I’ve done “in my spare time” are those I’m the proudest of.

I’m still not quite sure how to present this information – an activist CV of sorts – we live in a culture where paid products are seen as the yardstick and it’s hard to quantify involvement in social movements. If anyone has any ideas please get in touch!